Flood Mitigation

The pool stage of Lake D’Arbonne is 80 feet above mean sea level (amsl). The flood stage is 83 feet (amsl). When the Lake is at or above flood stage, it is generally closed to recreational boat traffic with limited exceptions. During high water events, the Lake Commission, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation and Development pursuant to established procedures, utilizes the tainter gates at the Spillway to minimize flooding.  

Below is a link to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development website for updates to the lake level and adjustments to the tainter gates.
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Press Releases

Note: During these events, the gates are adjusted continuously and the website may not be updated immediately.

Drawdown Schedule

The Lake Commission has adopted a policy of a fall drawdown every four years beginning in 2004 involving the opening of the spillway gates the day after Labor Day and closing them on November 15. This time may be extended if requested by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. This will enable homeowners to complete necessary repairs and allow for ramp maintenance, channel maintenance, stump clearing and vegetation control.

Artificial Reefs

A series of artificial reefs have been placed in Lake D’Arbonne for use by recreational fisherman. Maps detailing exact locations on the Lake are available at local area merchants. Coordinates for these reefs are listed below.

State Park Reef         32 46’ 15.36”N
                                92 28’ 41.18”W

 Horseshoe Reef        32 47’ 25.34”N
                                 92 27’ 17.66”W  

 4 Mile Reef               32 46’ 37.64”N
                                 92 25’ 34.22”W

 Stowe Creek Reef     32 43’ 54.9”N
                                 92 24’ 12.8”W

 Piney Point               32 44’ 33.9”N
                                 92 22’ 31.4”W

 Reef 5                       32 43’ 52.9”N
                                  92 21’ 32.4W



Maps of Lake D’Arbonne are available from the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce and local area merchants.

(318) 368-3947


State Park

D’Arbonne State Park, operated by the State of Louisiana, is accessible to all visitors of Lake D’Arbonne. Phone (318) 368-2086 or (888) 677-5200

USGS Current Conditions for USGS 07366364 Bayou Darbonne Lake at Dam near Downsville

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